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We have launched an emergency suite of solutions

The coronavirus pandemic is jeopardizing our core value: that projects can deliver us to a better, safer future for our planet. In response, we have launched State of Emergency solutions to quickly transform your business survival strategy into a roadmap...
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Presenting: New Project Staffing White Paper

We are thrilled to announce the release of our third white paper this year, this time on project management staffing.  As always, we wanted to give our loyal followers of this blog the first crack at this valuable content. This comprehensive paper demonstrates...
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A Project Leader Isn’t a Gallon of Milk: How a Commodity Approach to Staffing Costs Organizations Time, Money and Morale

Far too many organizations treat staffing project leaders like they treat grocery shopping. So long as a staffing company is providing them with a bevy of resumes with competitive prices and a good return policy, many organizations are content to shop...
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