Training Programs
Analysis All of Project Assistants’ education programs are led by seasoned Project Management practitioners who bring real-world experience with both theory and technology.
Education enables the most important part of People, Process and Technology (PPT): the people of your organization. Project Assistants provides training and coaching programs in all levels of project environments from Project Managers to those leading the project leaders.
Prep Sessions
Our programs include surveys, White Papers, and/or homework so that we can tailor our content and coaching to your needs, challenges, organizational artifacts, and whatever other information and materials we may gather in the prep process.
Workshop and Plan to Attack
The output of the workshop will be a plan of attack to address whatever challenges or changes your organization is undergoing that necessitated the education process. This challenge or change might be as general as a desire to improve project success rates, as basic as a change in project management technology, or as high-level as delivering a new corporate strategy. Each of these require a plan of attack and an adoption process to be properly addressed.
Project Assistants’ programs facilitate the adoption process with a suite of follow-up activities:

  • Webinars that offer further education on areas of need
  • Coaching and mentoring throughout the adoption process
  • Monthly group exercises, Red Team reviews, etc
  • Follow-up surveys at their own pace through whatever in-depth topics that provide in-depth drilldowns into topics that program invitees
“After attending a Project Assistants’ Project Management certificate program, I was offered several competitive government positions. After accepting a job with a high-visibility federal project, I was explicitly told that the Project Management certificate program was what set me apart from the other interviewees.”
Student Feedback
University of Delaware, Class Evaluation form
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