Microsoft Project Training Guide
The Project Managers Guide Microsoft Project provides theory, reference material, and hands-on exercises for Microsoft Project Standard, Professional, Server, Web App and Project Online.
Many training guides on technology are simply manuals on software features and functions, which teaches its readers merely how to be rote technicians—knowing which buttons to push to make the software say what they want it to. But, as they say, “A fool with a tool is a faster fool.” The Project Managers Guide to Microsoft Project 2019 weaves theory into the technology how-to so that the focus is primarily on the overall framework of project management best practices, showing how you can use Microsoft Project as an helper tool within that framework. The text, then, is as much about the why behind the features and functions, demonstrating how they can be used to drive project success.
“Comprehensive project management theory and hands-on Microsoft Project technology experience.”
Aaron Turner
Senior Vice President, Delivery Operations
eBay Enterprise
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