Managed Services
Analysis Our revolutionary PMO as a Service and PM Staffing as a Service offerings replace a legacy model that is inefficient and ineffective.
We have project management down to a science, and can provide an out-of-the-box PMO at a fixed price.

The way we've gone about project management has been all wrong. "Project management" is a broad term that consists of six distinct roles that all need to work in harmony to achieve reliable success:
      - Leadership and Subject Matter Expertise
      - Data Analysis and Scheduling
      - Coordination and Administration

It's not reasonable to expect a project manager to have the bandwidth or core competency in all six areas. Even if they did, administrative tasks aren't the most effective use of time for a $100/hr asset.

And yet, all six roles are critical functions to project control. Any project that is lacking in any one of those areas is (by definition) out of control!

We have the back-office support to ensure projects are under control while super-charging project managers, freeing them up to effectively manage several projects at once.

PMaaS provides all of your project management staffing needs with flexible demand at a fixed cost. The legacy model has several inefficiences that are resolved by a managed service approach:
  • Break free from the stale 1 PM per 1 project paradigm
  • Reduce on-site costs, eg: real-estate, secuirty, desk
  • Free up your talent search from geography constraints, so you can focus on bullseye skills and cultural fit
  • No more ad hoc methodologies across multiple vendor sourcing

“I'm amazed by the leadership talent Project Assistants provided, as well as the adaptability to come up with a new, workable model once things on the ground changed.”
CIO of a large transportation company