Methods Assembly and Distribution Tool
Methods Assembly This web-based tool provides a simple, streamlined solution that offers an innovative “Assemble to Order” approach to collecting, storing, accessing and rendering a wide variety of life-cycle and project management methodologies.
Static methodologies are good at fitting into a snapshot of business conditions at the time the methodology was developed, but they decay over time as those conditions change. MADT’s custom workflow resolves this, since the variations are generated based on project-specific attributes that are entered at the time of the project. The monolithic methodology approaches also need to be rendered in numerous semi-redundant variations to address unique needs of different customers and projects, but MADT produces outputs tailored for each methodology variation by combining the unique components you select.

Other advantages of the tool include:

  • Several different views for each method; for example: by role, by phase, by deliverable, by offering
  • “Standard” delivery of method variations; for example: infrastructure, package selection and implementation, custom application development (eg: Agile, Waterfall)
  • Customization, implementation, and adoption services to ensure a smooth transition.
“Not only did Project Assistants provide method guidance and expertise that was very relevant to our situation, they implemented their methodology tool to support our needs to streamline solution maintenance and improve methodology governance. We couldn’t have done it without their methods solution expertise!”
Jeanice Koronowski
Chief Operations Officer, NCR