Seven Habits of True Project Leaders
We often wonder, what separates Project Managers from True Project Leaders? We have looked at all the Project Managers we have worked with over the last 22 years which spanned hundreds of projects with millions of dollars saved by adverting project failure. We found, there is a clear and distinct difference between Project Managers and True Project Leaders. Project Leaders’ possess the following 7 key traits:

  • Master of the Project Charter
  • Demands a Strong Architect
  • Doesn’t Gamble with Other People’s Money
  • Strong Attention to Detail
  • Enables Airtight Communication
  • Stubbornly Sticks to Reality
  • Scope Changes and Second Nature

These habits are innate to True Project Leaders, and what separates them from merely qualified managers. The qualities lists are not easy to find in a resume or even in a basic interview process. Download the whitepaper to discover more about yourself and those on your team.
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