Project Management Maturity Assessment
- Organizational -
The Organizational Project Management Maturity Assessment evaluates an organization's project management maturity based on seven (7) project management maturity components or dimensions.

  • Knowledge Management
  • Process Standards, Methods & Procedures
  • Technologies
  • Decision Support
  • Portfolio & Resource Management
  • Professional Development
  • Continuous Process Improvement

Rate your organization's present level of performance in each of the following maturity dimensions using the rating scale below:

1 = None (No formal/standard processes applied)
2 = Casual (Formal/standard processes irregularly applied)
3 = Intermittent (Formal/standard processes occasionally applied)
4 = Often (Formal/standard processes frequently applied and sporadically integrated throughout the organization)
5 = Sustained (Formal/standard processes consistently applied and integrated throughout the organization)
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