Federal government solution provider overhauls ERP, PPM, and ITSM platforms
Project Assistants’ Case Studies
Situation Situation
In this engagement, we worked with a research firm that has a broad portfolio of services offerings that define and develop policies to US and international government agencies. They had a critical need to streamline the main functions for the client facing business functions. The functions included pricing, proposing, contracting, services execution and billing, client communications, and engagement follow-up and support. This inefficient state of business processes was negatively impacting their client relationships.
Solution Solution
To resolve these inefficiencies, our client needed to acquire PPM and ITSM solutions to integrate with the existing ERP solution. Project Assistants leveraged our VIA Methodology (Vision, Implement and Adopt) to support re-architecting the organization for success. We delivered a roadmap that detailed the long-range plan for improvement. We re-planned major projects and put them back on track. We realigned the portfolio with corporate objectives, which involved canceling many projects that were doomed to fail. We implemented a solid technology platform to support future improvement.
This effort was preceded by an Analysis and Findings Phase that provided valuable insights of the current state and a roadmap for the Future State. The Future State included all key dimensions, including technology/tools, supporting business processes, associated skills and organization structure, and governance, communications, and organizational change management.
The Roadmap was executed over an 18 month period that included design, configuration, development, implementation, and adoption of the integrated solutions and their associated dimensions.
Benefits Benefits
The client was able to leverage the newly implemented solution to realize the expected business benefits. They integrated the “best of breed” functions across ERP, PPM and ITSM solution platforms resulting in a significant change in company culture and employee engagement.
The client also consolidated dashboards that provided transparency and guidance across the enterprise. Other technical benefits included automating sophisticated client-facing reports from a large base of data sources, better utilizating program resources and increased profit margins, and optmizing transfer of data flows across all platforms.
From an organizational standpoint, the client clearly defined roles and improved their organizational structure. Moving forward, they had a solid solution based on a foundation that can be ever-evolving over time.