Healthcare IT Organization Adopts Project Server Technology to Improve Project Delivery
Project Assistants’ Case Studies
Situation Situation
Christiana Care Health System (CCHS) is comprised of a breadth of facilities, professionals and services: two hospitals, a heart center, community cancer program, rehabilitation services, home health care team and more.

One of the Mid-Atlantic leaders in high-quality health care: CCHS’ commitment to living the Core Values that support and nourish our culture of Unsurpassed Excellence. CCHS has reputation for providing the highest quality health services comes from adhering to our mission to improve the health of the communities we serve.

Christiana Care serves more than a million people throughout Delaware and neighboring areas of southeastern Pennsylvania, the Eastern Shore of Maryland and southern New Jersey.

CCHS has more than 1,200 physicians and surgeons, representing virtually every medical specialty, with a reputation based on the belief that a great health system makes improving health its No.1 job.
Solution Solution
1. Project Assistants and Microsoft are helping CCHS to achieve the desired future state by developing and executing a plan to roll-out a proven methodology to implement a Project Management Infrastructure.Project Assistants and Microsoft are assisting CCHS to reach the desired future state by following a proven methodology.

  • Project Assistants and Microsoft are assisting CCHS with executing the plan by building the processes, guidelines, tools, training, communications, and associated change management required to implement the work management and Project Management Infrastructure.
  • The solution also included mentoring of a Program Management function to retrofit all work and project into new Infrastructure.

Business Benefits

  • Ensure success by engaging experts with a proven track record for these types of initiatives.
  • Follow a proven methodology for achieving your work management and project management objectives.

2. Microsoft Project and Microsoft Project Central providing the following functions:Standard process and Project Management repository for intake of new work requests. By implementing a standard system to initiate all new work requests at CCHS, the work request data can be stored along with project tasks so that it would be possible to view a resource’s allocation across all activities they have been assigned to in the organization.

  • View a resource’s total scheduled work by time period
  • View a resource’s total actual work by time period
  • View a resource’s total remaining availability by time period
  • View a resource’s utilization by time period

Business Benefits

  • Single source of data for management reporting
  • All worked performed is accounted for
  • Single source for routing and management of work
  • Easier to spot unnecessary duplication of effort
  • Provide tool to assist Specialty Group with work flow management and weekly meetings process

3. Load all work requests and project information into common work management tool:The robust, flexible and scalable architecture of Microsoft Project and Project Central provide the required platform to store all work requests as well as all project data for active IT projects at CCHS.

Business Benefits

  • Leverage the organization’s current investment in Microsoft Project.
  • Microsoft Project is only needed by project managers and project leaders; all others will be able to access needed project information directly from Project Central. The licensing cost for Project Central is significantly less than a full Microsoft Project license.
  • Microsoft Project data can be stored in a ODBC data store such as SQL Server or Oracle, and this data can be integrated with other key business applications, such as accounting and human resource systems.
  • Ad hoc management requests reports can be developed and published using industry standard report writing tools.