Supercharge Your Project Managers By Establishing The 6 Bases Of Control

Project Assistants is excited to announce the launch of our latest White Paper, “Supercharge Your Project Managers By Establishing The 6 Bases Of Control.” This paper deconstructs project management to rebuild an innovative approach to reliably delivering project excellence.

The dirty little secret of project management is that adults don’t need much adult supervision. So why do so many organizations invest so much in project management and still have out-of-control projects?

This white paper demonstrates how to free up project managers to focus on the most important and least timeconsuming part of their jobs, so they become supercharged for success.

The paper does this by:

  • Outlining the 6 Key Roles of project management: without them, you’re out of control
  • Providing 4 keys to Ensuring Project Management Victory
  • Demonstrating a Better Model for Project Management (Micro Centers of Excellence)
  • Don’t wait! Download your copy now and learn how to minimize your risk of project failure.

Throw your project management into another gear

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