3 Key Benefits a Boutique Staffing Firm Can Bring to the Table

Project management is a challenging job, but finding a good project manager might be an even taller task. Facing mounting talent shortages in an already competitive field, many companies have turned to staffing firms to help them devise a staffing management plan in project management. But if they’re not getting the results they desire, it might be because they haven’t chosen the right partner.

For example, it’s common for traditional staffing organizations to deliver an exhaustive list of candidates who meet the baseline job requirements — then leave the internal HR team to separate the wheat from the chaff. It’s hard to see how that would save anyone time, much less help them hire and onboard an elite project manager.

That’s why you should consider a boutique staffing organization that can evaluate your project management staffing needs, revamp your job descriptions, and help you identify and recruit top talent. Here are three ways a good staffing organization can help with organizing and staffing in project management.

1. Screening for Soft Skills

Excellent project managers don’t grow on trees. Being able to shepherd a mission-critical project from ideation to completion demands a unique blend of technical and people skills that few candidates possess. You need someone who’s simultaneously process-oriented and adaptive, inspirational and tough, inquisitive and knowledgeable — and those are just a few of the qualities of a good project manager.

Assessing the leadership styles of effective project managers goes way beyond simple résumé screening. A boutique staffing firm will have the experience and expertise needed to screen project management candidates for soft skills like communication, conflict resolution, and trust-building. During the second round of interviews, a boutique staffing partner will likely pose hypothetical questions to see how different candidates would react to similar situations. These kinds of questions also allow candidates to demonstrate their real-world experience handling the ups and downs of leadership in project management.

2. Covering All the Bases of Control

A traditional staffing firm may help a company find a good project manager in the technical aspects of the role, but a boutique firm will help that company get to the bottom of what they need out of a project manager. There are six constituent roles in project management that must work together to bring a project to fruition: leadership, subject matter expertise, data analysis, scheduling, coordination, and administrative tasks.

It’s unreasonable to expect a single hire to be able to execute all six duties flawlessly, yet they’re all critical to project performance. Together, they form the bases of project control. If those bases aren’t covered, your projects are out of control by definition. That’s where a boutique firm can come in to offer extra support and ensure projects remain on budget, on schedule, and within the original scope.

3. Creating a Harmonious Environment

Every organization has a unique culture — an unspoken social order that influences people’s attitudes and behaviors. Any boutique staffing firm worth its salt will familiarize itself with your company’s culture and align the project management apparatus with that culture.

They’ll dive deep to understand what kind of support (if any) exists for your project managers and the factors that could be influencing effective project management. Then, they’ll help you create an environment where your project leaders can thrive.

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Recruiting, hiring, and onboarding leaders with expertise in project management is no easy feat because there are so many factors influencing effective project management. A staffing firm that’s focused on organizing and staffing in project management can be a fantastic resource to not only shore up your recruitment and hiring efforts, but also ensure that project managers are set up for success.

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