We have launched an emergency suite of solutions

The coronavirus pandemic is jeopardizing our core value: that projects can deliver us to a better, safer future for our planet. In response, we have launched State of Emergency solutions to quickly transform your business survival strategy into a roadmap of initiatives with managed services to execute them flawlessly.

We are willing to work with organizations who are unsure how to afford our services. Our main goal is to keep companies and industries from veering off track at this tumultuous time. We are already dedicating all our resources toward this effort, and we are willing to get creative.


You’re going to need to do more with less, and we have developed a short-term approach to do just that. We can provide an entire PMO operation for just half the cost of a single full-time project manager.Many of our clients have expressed regret about how they handled the 2008 financial crisis. You may very well need to cut down on the number of projects you are running, but you can’t cut your center of excellence at a time when the margin of error is nil.

This is a fixed price delivery of a Project Manager team and supporting PMO infrastructure to select the right projects and do them right. You need us in your war room running command and control to navigate you to a steady state in the future, and even update, improve, and transform your operations in the meantime.


A survival strategy is just the beginning. You need a tactical plan to execute that strategy flawlessly while remaining adaptable to this unpredictable environment.

From Crisis to BAU

Your strategy will be transformed into a tactical plan for execution. We set up a sense-and-respond system to constantly reassess the plan with the ever-changing realities.

Deliverables in the First 15 Days:

  • A rescue of mission-critical initiatives
  • Strategy analysis
  • Reprioritized initiatives for a revamped portfolio
  • KPIs to leverage a rapid sense-and-respond system throughout the projects
  • A map from the initiatives to the action items to the roster of resources
  • A detailed risk management and mitigation plan
  • Accountability and management plan for keeping a remote team fully engaged

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