Project Execution Solutions: Analysis / Vision / Roadmap

In previous posts, we covered the Strategy and Execution processes necessary to succeed, but just knowing these isn’t sufficient. You also need a process for change so that you can achieve those strategic and actionable ideals.

Different Layers of Mission and Vision

For the purposes of this series, we will refer to three layers of Mission and Vision, with each layer having its own major process groups, or nested methodology. In order to make clear which layer we are referring to, we have broken them down into different levels, as shown below.


There is a Mission and Vision that the organization as a whole is striving toward. This makes up Level 1, or the Organizational Layer.

You execute the Organizational Vision through Project Portfolio Management (PPM), which is Level 2 or the Project Layer.

Finally, there is a methodology for improving how your organization changes. This is a project whose objective is improving projects, or the Project-Project Layer. This meta-layer is Level 3.

The AVR Process

In order to achieve the Level 1 Vision, you must dedicate a subset of the portfolio to a series of initiatives to define and build the appropriate PPM structure to enable the delivery of the Vision. A traditional gap analysis customizes solutions to the structural problem to define an appropriate approach to ensure that the portfolio is defined, managed, and delivered as expected.

The best practice for a custom gap analysis is built upon a three-phase initiative:

  1. Assess the current state,
  2. Define your desired future state, and
  3. Build a business strategy (a plan for change) that will bridge the gap between the two.

This Analysis-Vision-Roadmap initiative is the “Project Project,” or Meta-Layer. The “Vision” in this case is not the overall Organizational Vision that has been discussed hitherto in this paper; rather, it is the Level 3 Vision for improving the PPM Layer, which will in turn enable the organization to reach its greater Vision.

Our next post drills into each of these steps individually.

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