Getting Beyond PMPs and Staffing Excellent Project Leaders

Traditional staffing firms are tried-and-true at placing professionals into technical roles, but a different approach is needed for project staffing in project management.

PMP certified skills are enough to make a candidate qualified on paper, but the soft skills and nuances that allows project managers to fit in an organization and excel as leaders require expertise beyond most staffing firms.

For a staffing management plan in project management to work, it takes a multi-tiered approach to find, acquire, and adopt talent into an organization to ensure success. Rather than merely provide a large pile of “good-enough” resumes that follow the letter of the requirement, a true Project Leadership staffing firm delivers a solution that integrates all facets of People, Process, Technology and Governance (PPTG):

Multi-tiered PM staffing approach

With a talent selected who is both technically qualified and managerially proficient, fit into a proven process for delivering project success, and that talent is fully adopted into the organization, the chances for projects meeting their business case are maximized. The greatest challenges arise when dealing with an organization unqualified to spot leadership talent and/or no project management process experience and/or no interest or ability to monitor post-acquisitional success.

For a more detailed post on the Talent Sourcing and Selection tier, read here.

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