Reporting Made Easy: Using the Copy Picture Command

One way to use the communication power of the Gantt Chart view is to photograph it and send the picture as part of another document (e-mail, webpage, PowerPoint, etc.).

Below are the steps for doing this.

  1. From Task:Clipboard click the Copy dropdown and select Copy Picture. You will be presented with the Copy Picture dialog box. This tool allows you to make a copy of the task or resource information that is currently visible (without the ribbon or any surrounding control); this copy can then be pasted or inserted into another application.

Copy Picture dialog box

  1. The Render image: For screen option copies the Microsoft Project view as an image with a resolution best for viewing on a screen, such as in PowerPoint. Render image: For printer copies in a resolution best for printing. Render image: To GIF image file saves the image as a separate picture file, which can be manipulated in a variety of ways or e-mailed as an attachment.
  2. In the Render image area of the dialog box, click For printer.
  3. In the Copy area of the dialog box, check Selected rows.
  4. In the Timescale area of the dialog box, select As shown on screen.
  5. Click Except for a brief appearance of the hourglass icon, nothing appears to happen.
  6. Launch Microsoft Word and open a blank document. In the new Word document that appears, select Edit:Paste (or use Ctrl-V). A picture of your Gantt Chart will be inserted into your Word document.
  7. Exit Word, discarding the new document. Save and close your project.

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