How PMOs Save Troubled CIOs

In a world where 68% of all IT projects fail, CIOs are accountable for one of the most challenging aspects of growing a business. Accordingly, CIOs have some of the shortest tenures among any executive position.

The reason many organizations are not able to deliver on these mission-critical initiatives is because of an ineffective Project Management Office (PMO). This isn’t necessarily because the PMO itself doesn’t have the right personnel. More often, the PMO is ineffective because they are used like a magic wand. Many CIOs simply establish a PMO with no long-term plan and no oversight, and then expect the PMO to solve all of their problems.

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A solid structure needs to be in place for a PMO to be effective. Many corporations believe that implementing a good PMO is the key to success, but even if they get this step right, it can be hampered when the bookends of planning and governance are ignored.

Planning is often the lowest investment and highest return of any process, and yet it is the one that is most often overlooked. Organizations that utilize Project Assistants’ Assessment/Vision/Roadmap (AVR) approach improve the success of their implementation from 15% to 75%. AVR ensures that your PMO is on the right path by:

1. Assessing the current state of your People, Processes, Technologies and Governance
2. Creating a Vision for the future, desired state for your PPM infrastructure
3. Building a Roadmap based on the changes that need to happen to bridge the gap between your current state and the future state

This is just step one of what we call the “Project Project,” or the project to improve how you run projects. Project Assistants leverages a Vision, Implement, Adopt (VIA) approach when partnering with clients to implement change. When a solution method has a planning and adoption phase, the success rate improves to 90%!

Finally, Project Assistants provides Project Management staffing. We are uniquely positioned to provide the leadership talent necessary to help our clients deliver on their most challenging initiatives.

With the right people working toward the right goals with proper oversight, your IT department is well prepared for delivering successful projects. And with the organization delivering on its mission-critical initiatives, the CIO can prepare for a long stay in their role.

You can access our white paper on how to utilize an enterprise PMO to resolve project and portfolio challenges for free here.