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Project Assistants CEO Selected As Keynote Speaker for ProjectSummit

We are thrilled to announce that Project Assistants President and CEO, Gus Cicala, will be the keynote speaker for the Day Two of ProjectSummit Boston. The conference runs from October 20-23, 2014, with Gus set to speak on October 21st.

This honor is the latest in a long series of acclaim Gus has received for his topic “Leadership Is Taken, Not Given.” It was a year and a half ago when Gus was chosen as one of 25 representatives of the top project managers in North America to write a chapter for The Keys to Our Success.  As a contributing author, he wrote a chapter on the most important piece of advice he’d received in his time in project management: “Leadership is taken, not given.”  The chapter addresses the paradox that project managers face as they have the responsibilities as leaders of their projects while often having little tangible authority within the organization.

The chapter ended up being a headliner for the book, as one of the first few chapters, putting Gus ahead several of his own idols in the project management world.  He decided to take the topic on the road, and has since delivered a project leadership presentation all across the US.  The rousing success of the interactive presentation led to a webinar on the subject, which had one of the best attendences and receptions in Project Assistants history.

But Gus undoubtedly takes the opportunity to be the keynote speaker for ProjectSummit Boston 2014 as the biggest honor yet.