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Agile Webinar Set for February 26th

Agile methodologies have been hyped as the silver bullet for IT delivery solutions as it builds its track record for success in the world of increasingly customer-focused deliveries. But Agile is often seen as incompatible with project management. Traditional project management prescribes a defined budget, deadline, and scope starting points, whereas agile encourages a non-prescriptive, amendable approach to getting to an endpoint. But the two can, in fact, be brought together in a usable way.

On Wednesday, February 26th, Project Assistants’ first installment of the 2014 Webinar Series will address this issue in Taming the Beast: Bringing Project Management and Agile to a Peaceful Coexistence Methodologies.  In this PDU-qualified event, Gus Cicala and Doug Carter will:

  • Cover the most popular models of agile – There are several variants on Agile, from the pure forms to hybrids that use Waterfall processes on the front-end with an Agile approach as a development point
  • Illustrate which organizations would benefit from taking on Agile – As effective as it has been for many, Agile is not the right fit for every type of organization, and this webinar will discern who should be using it and who should not
  • Demonstrate how to use Agile in a practical and productive way – Agile should not be completely without structures and limits, and this webinar will show how to have an iterative approach to Agile that ensures that only so much time and budget is spent on scrums before the project moves forward on executables.

The webinar is offered free of charge.  Email us at with any questions or requests for future webinars.

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