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The #1 Advice from the Top 25 Project Managers

What if 25 of the leading project managers were to come together and share their best piece of advice for success in project management? That is the premise of the newly-released The Keys to Our Success, for which Project Assistants President and CEO, Gus Cicala, is a contributing author.

Gus’ chapter—“Leadership Is Taken, Not Given: Establishing, maintaining and regaining control of a project”—discusses a paradox that project mangers face. How do we drive project success without having any tangible powers within the organization. Gus draws from his real-world experience with the notorious Bridge Project to unknot this enigma, using a unique perspective on cadence.

“Leadership was a popular theme throughout the proposals we received,” said Derek Vigar, one of the compilers of the book, “However the slant on ‘project rhythm’ and ‘confronting potential areas of pain early’ . . . makes this chapter unique, important, and enjoyable.”

Gus is honored to be a headliner among all-stars of the project management world. His chapter is placed fourth among contributing authors—ahead of many of Gus’ very own idols—and promotional content uses Gus’ lesson as the second out of five exemplary nuggets this book has to offer.

In conjunction with his publication on leadership, Gus has been lighting up the public speaking event circuit with his presentation on project management soft skills.