Who We Are

Mission: Make project failure obsolete

  • When projects go over budget, they fail.
  • When projects don’t finish on time, they fail
  • When projects don’t meet the specifications, they fail
  • When the specs fall out of alignment from the business case, they fail

We prevent these dimensions of project failure by choosing influential leaders who can navigate complex company cultures and proactively identify predictable points that lead to project failure.

A Portfolio and Project Management (PPM) consulting organization

What does that mean to you?

We are experts in selecting the right Project Management candidate, providing the best Project Management solution and delivering top training to our clients.

How do we accomplish this?

We prevent project failure because we listen to our clients. We have a conversation and find the root cause of their problems. Then as a trusted partner work together on the solution. Our solutions include the following:

Staff Augmentation

Project Assistants selects the right project managers for project opportunities when failure is not an option. We choose influential leaders who can navigate complex company cultures and proactively identify predictable points that lead to project failure. Project Assistants’ consulting practice supports our onsite Project Managers with a layer of quality assurance from our team of Project Management experts. Through a tough-love approach and reality-based interview process of both the candidate and the company, Project Assistants recruits project managers for our clients that ensures project success.

Consulting Services

Project Assistants uses best practices, proven technology and highly trained consultants to help you optimize your business strategy. By working with you to define and select the right portfolio of projects and improve the execution of those projects, we guide you to better, faster and more cost-effective results.


Project Assistants realizes an organization’s most valuable assets are their employees. We provide the necessary tools and resources for your employees to become successful leaders within the organization. We empower your employees with the mantra “Leadership is taken not given.”