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Project Portfolio Management Consulting

Preliminary to doing projects right is doing the right projects in the first place. To achieve this, Project Assistants implements the Process, Technologies and Governance necessary to have an optimal Project Portfolio Management approach.

With the economic uncertainty, unprecedented speed of technological advancement and increasing globalization, the business world is as dynamic as ever. As a result, your organization can no longer afford to operate on an annual budget cycle.

In the planning and selection process, PPM affirms project alignment with the overall corporate mission, and through execution and continuing governance, realizes ROI and other expected business benefits.


Click here to learn more about the necessity of PPM in our modern business environment.

To view webinars on how to leverage Microsoft Project to enable PPM, click here for Planning a portfolio and here for Executing on it.


“Project Assistants provided the expertise to help our organization transition from manual PPM processes to an automated PPM solution with surrounding processes and governance procedures.”

-Denis Healy

Case Study



In this engagement, we worked with the IT department of a major online retail organization. The department was facing a wide range of challenges. They were missing commitments both because of a lack of control and structure in major initiatives, and because they had mission-critical PM technologies that were outdated and unstable. As a result, the department garnered little trust from business leadership. The future wasn’t looking any brighter, either: they lacked the ability to determine if their Portfolio Plan for major projects could be completed, and they weren’t even sure where to start to improve their Project Portfolio Management.


Project Assistants leveraged our VIA Methodology (Vision, Implement and Adopt) to support re-architecting the organization for success. We delivered a roadmap that detailed the long-range plan for improvement. We re-planned major projects and put them back on track. We realigned the portfolio with corporate objectives, which involved canceling many projects that were doomed to fail. We implemented a solid technology platform to support future improvement.


Over the course of our engagement, Project Assistants enabled the organization to continuously improve. The company learned to refocus their portfolio to align with the organization’s goals and realized millions of dollars in [savings] by focusing on key initiatives and canceling non-value-add [initiatives]. Our mutual efforts have dramatically changed the organization, better equipping them to improve their project success rate and drastically improving the portfolio execution of the IT department.