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Microsoft® Project Server/Project Online Deployment

For the past 17 years, Microsoft has recommended Project Assistants to its customers for more than 200 Microsoft Project solution implementations (more than 100,000 users).

Project Assistants’ technology implementation enables your organization to increase organizational Project Management rigor and adoption in order to improve your project results.

As part of the technology implementation solution, we can do any or all of the following:

  • Tailor to our customers’ unique improvements needsVision Stage provides a high-level set of business requirements that guides the Microsoft Project configuration to meet your improvement goals. We are always sure to align the project to our customers’ culture and required implementation pace
  • Leverage the off-the-shelf capabilities of Microsoft Project and Microsoft SharePoint
  • Deliver customized training aligned to key processes and information needs
  • Develop custom applications, typically complex reports and integration, to support to support the implementation itself, as well as information sharing and information visibility. Our approach is to identify your specific business challenges, then apply technology solutions that addresses those challenges.

Project Assistants is also on the leading edge on Microsoft Cloud deployments. Project 2016’s cloud capabilities reduce the organizational overhead required to support the solution.


“Using the Microsoft Office EPM Solution absolutely made the Xbox 360 launch more successful. It would have been extremely difficult to deliver the product so quickly without it.”

Tim Hargraves,

Release Program Manager,

Home and Entertainment Division, Microsoft Corporation

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Case Study


Engagement Background

Microsoft undertook an aggressive schedule in order to launch the next generation of the Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system worldwide in time for the holidays. Because more than 90 func¬tional groups needed to work together, the usual method of maintaining independent schedules and relying on personal networking to keep information up-to-date clearly was not going to work.

The company needed a consistent way to:

  • Track project schedules.
  • Establish dependencies between groups.
  • Collaborate to support launch events.

How did Project Assistants help?

To help meet its timelines, Microsoft worked with partner Project Assistants to customize a Microsoft® Enterprise Project Management (EPM) Solution to coordinate nearly 100 group schedules. Components include:

  • Microsoft Project Server, which is used by managers to roll up executive summaries and track schedules against the master plan.
  • Microsoft Project Professional, which is used by 82 schedule owners to update their project schedules.
  • Microsoft Project Web Application, which is used by 1,100 employees to view real-time information across groups.


Using the EPM Solution promoted efficiencies and helped Microsoft successfully launch Xbox 360 on time:

  • Cost savings—a slipped production date would have cost more than U.S.$7 million a day
  • Better business intelligence through quick identification of milestones in jeopardy and potential obstacles
  • A reduction in staffing needs equivalent to three full-time employees
  • Fewer and shorter meetings because teams could focus on new issues only