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Microsoft Project 2016 Training Guide

Project Management Using Microsoft Project 2016 provides theory, reference material, and hands-on exercises for Microsoft Project Standard, Professional, Server, Web App and Project Online.

Many training guides on technology are simply manuals on software features and functions, which teaches its readers merely how to be rote technicians—knowing which buttons to push to make the software say what they want it to. But, as they say, “A fool with a tool is a faster fool.” Project Management Using Microsoft Project 2016 weaves theory into the technology how-to so that the focus is primarily on the overall framework of project management best practices, showing how you can use Microsoft Project as an helper tool within that framework. The text, then, is as much about the why behind the features and functions, demonstrating how they can be used to drive project success.

The text covers all the material necessary to prepare for Exam 74-343: Managing Projects with Microsoft Project 2016.

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“Comprehensive project management theory and hands-on Microsoft Project technology experience.”

Aaron Turner
Senior Vice President, Delivery Operations
eBay Enterprise

Case Study



Celgene is a large biotech and pharmaceutical company. Project Assistants was brought on to deliver our training material on Microsoft Project.


Although Celgene had a process in place for setting up standards when implementing Microsoft Project, the project managers weren’t able to perform several of the basic functions with the software. They needed to be trained on:

  • Starting a project
  • Getting the project planned
  • Building a baseline
  • Naming resources
  • Assigning resources to the roles of the project
  • Updating the plan by collecting timesheets from the server
  • Putting those timesheets into the plan to check them against the variances
  • Communicating all of this information to key stakeholders.

Project Assistants’ Solution

Project Assistants used the training material that serves as the basis for Project Management Using Microsoft Project 2016. We trained Celgene’s project managers on all of the functions of Microsoft Project needed to manage a project, highlighting the items listed above. We also taught our template for aligning projects to make them a reality and balancing resource demand against resource capacity to make sure the the project’s realistic.


Celgene improved their benefits realization, through their improved reliability of identifying, tracking and ensuring project benefits. Celgene is now able to identify resource bottlenecks and track the impact of key resources across multiple projects to deliver a more realistic, more reliable slate of projects. This proaction on ensuring the benefits will meet initial estimates has improved Celgene’s Return on Investment.