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Leadership Is Taken, Not Given:

Defining Moments for Establishing, Maintaining and Regaining Control of Projects

Gus Cicala is a published author on the subject of project leadership and has toured the country speaking on the topic to great acclaim.

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Project managers face a paradox when it comes to leadership: they are tasked with taking responsibility for controlling projects in the absence of tangible authority. This program hones the soft skills necessary for establishing, maintaining, and regaining control of projects.

Our Preparatory Sessions will highlight the hotspots for trouble in your organization’s projects. These will be the “defining moments” for your projects and their leaders–the predictable points of resistance that we can better understand and anticipate to improve project success rates.

We will also delve into the issues that are keeping strategy, execution and governance from operating in harmony. We will coach project managers on the soft skills necessary to achieve the symbiotic relationships that prevent these three gears from grinding to a halt.

Follow-up webinars will introduce new topics on how to increase levels of execution rigor. Monthly exercises will offer the opportunity to highlight lessons learned from high-visibility projects. Finally, follow-up surveys with resultant coaching sessions will ensure that the lessons learned in the workshop will be adopted.

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