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73% of clients chose Project Assistants over PMI’s OPM3 and competing methodologies based on the superior value of the Project Assistants Methodology.

A common barrier to success for many organizations is the absence of a coherent approach to improving Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) capabilities within their organization. Organizations often approach process, training, and technology as standalone initiatives, without an objective understanding of the organization’s current state of capability. Also, organizations often don’t have the experience to design an integrated program, including People Development, Process modification, and Project Management technology rollout to improve capabilities.

Project Assistants’ Analysis / Vision / Roadmap (AVR) improvement approach speeds the improvement of PPM discipline and competency within the organization. It definse a common sense plan for improvement through:

  1. Assessing the current picture of your People, Processes, Technologies and Governance,
  2. Envisioning the future, desired state for your PPM infrastructure, and
  3. Building a roadmap based on the changes that need to happen to bridge the gap between your current state and the future state.


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“Project Assistants provided outstanding help in our efforts to evaluate our options for an enterprise deployment of an updated project management solution. With their assistance, we developed a strategic plan for piloting and implementing a solution.”

Director, Project Management Office

Major Financial Services Organization

Case Study



Freddie Mac’s mission is to provide liquidity, stability and affordability to the housing market. Congress defined this mission in a 1970 charter, which lays the foundation of the Freddie Mac business and the ideals that power Freddie Mac’s goals.

The Freddie Mac mission forms the framework for their business lines, shapes the products they bring to market and drives the services they provide to the nation’s housing and mortgage industry. Everything they do comes back to making America’s mortgage markets liquid and stable and increasing opportunities for homeownership and affordable rental housing across the nation.

Engagement Background

Project Assistants completed multiple engagements with Freddie Mac, the first of which began with initial assessment, strategy and tactical planning engagement in order to help Freddie Mac respond to an audit of their accounting practices and the correction of the material deficiencies surrounding the de-listing of Freddie Mac from the NYSE as a result of these issues.

The goal was to develop and establish the framework for successes and manageable improvement of Portfolio and Project Management practices required to correct the material deficiencies related to the delivery of IT projects.

Project Assistants helped Freddie Mac transform its approaches through the development and implementation of a structured strategy and tactical plans followed by the implementation of those plans into a functioning enterprise project management solution environment infrastructure.

How did Project Assistants help?

Project Assistants supported Freddie Mac through:

  • Process Improvement:
    • Evaluating Portfolio and Project Management practices related to the correction of the material deficiencies
    • Defining, designing and documenting Project Management processes required to remove these deficiencies
    • Implementing and driving adoption of the standardized processes which led to improvements needed to address the deficiencies
    • Establishing a Project Management Office (PMO) to ensure the long-term adoption and ongoing improvements
  • Improvement of Personnel (People) capabilities via:
    • Project Manager mentoring
    • Training development and delivery
    • Ongoing adoption support to enable and drive the Change Management necessary to help ensure long-term improvement
  • Tools and Technology Enablement
    • Implementation of Project Management technology and aligning technology use with specific business processes and training & adoption support
  • Portfolio and Project Management technologies utilized by Freddie Mac included:
    • Computer Associates (Clarity)
    • Microsoft (Portfolio & Project Server)