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Project Assistants Launches New Website

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website, and not just because of the drastic improvements that have been made to the look and functionality of the site itself. What really gets us excited is the entire cultural revelation that came with the process. We came to appreciate just how relevant our content is, which created a real sense of urgency to get it into the users’ hands.

We were already passionate about what we do, knew it was important, and weren’t in the least surprised that we were exceptional at delivering solutions to our clients. But when we actually took a step back and looked at our tangible record of relevance, we were blown away by:

  1. The wealth of content we had that addressed hot issues in the business world, and
  2. The market supported evidence of our prevalence; namely, the list of big names we’d helped and how frequently people chose our company/methodology over renowned competition.

To the first point, when we went through our training materials, webinars, articles, speaking events, and so on, we were enthralled with how effective it was at addressing several of the most pressing matters of project management. This made us really lament how ineffective we had been at connecting it with end-users who could gain significant value from the information.  The revamp of our website comes as part of an entire content renaissance that includes:

  • Launching a blog that covers the gamut of project management discussion: from the introductory concepts and metrics to in-depth theory to current events,
  • Developing a YouTube channel that provides both bite-sized technical how-tos on Microsoft Project and hour-long lectures on Project Portfolio Management,
  • Publishing articles with several of the most respected project management publications,
  • Attending speaking events to educate people on topics that are infrequently addressed.
  • Releasing a comprehensive Training Guide on using Microsoft Project for public consumption.

This client-centric focus also revealed to us the demonstrated impact we’ve had on our target industries. It was easy to come up with impressive competitive advantage for each industry and every offering. We even impressed ourselves when we saw, for example, that we had provided solutions for 15 of the top 20 Pharmaceutical companies in the country.

So we are ecstatic to invite you to our new site because we see it as a new beginning for Project Assistants and our relationship with our site visitors. We look forward to informing you and working with you to achieve better, faster, more cost-effective project-based results.