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Project Assistants, Inc. Announces Support for Microsoft Digital Pharma Initiative

WILMINGTON, DE – March 15, 2005 -Project Assistants’ Drug Development Solution improves drug development processes by enabling pharmaceutical companies to determine and focus on the initiatives that will bring the most return on investment. The solution also optimizes processes to help accelerate the drug development cycle and capture the most market share. Leveraging the Microsoft Office Enterprise Project Management (EPM) platform, the Drug Development Solution integrates three areas necessary for developing new drugs on time, on budget and on specification: portfolio management, project management and knowledge management. Portfolio management helps companies determine and prioritize the drugs they should develop, project management defines the business controls for delivering those new drugs within scope, and knowledge management ensures processes are performed to established specifications.

“Project Assistants’ Drug Development Solution will help pharmaceutical companies get products to market faster by enabling speed-to-insight, one of the imperatives of the Microsoft Digital Pharma vision. By leveraging Microsoft technology, Project Assistants developed a solution that will be valuable in helping the industry move forward, and that is also in sync with and important to the Digital Pharma vision.” -Steve Shihadeh, General Manager, Microsoft Healthcare and Life Sciences

Project Assistants’ Drug Development Solution (DDS) offers drug development organizations business value in the following areas: • Increased ROI: The DDS helps pharmaceutical companies push new drugs through the development pipeline with efficiency while providing visibility across an integrated drug development pipeline. Project portfolio management allows managers to maximize resource utilization, collect organizational knowledge and establish best practices. Team members benefit from better communication, streamlined resource management and improved productivity. Improved resource forecasting and allocation enable executives to accelerate the drug development timeline. • Maximum Productivity: The DDS helps managers measure the effectiveness of current processes and gain insight into which methods work and which could be developed, fine-tuned or eliminated. Detailed views improve the organization’s ability to respond quickly and implement better practices. • Increased Visibility, Speed-to-Market: Consolidated pipeline views help executives gain instant insight into the complex series of steps involved in bringing a new drug from discovery to approval. DDS provides detailed Web-based reporting on critical items such as brand, location, therapeutic area and resource type. Pipeline views can be customized as needed to increase efficiency. These detailed views deliver exactly the right information to everyone involved so they can assess the vital signs of the business in real time and make informed decisions. Enterprise-wide visibility helps leaders accelerate the clinical development process. • Improved Resource Forecasting: Pharmaceutical companies can utilize simulation models to forecast drug development pipeline activity and respond better to unpredictable events. The DDS offers a clear view into the status of the development stage for a drug or group of drugs, improving the opportunities to manage risk. With direct insight into the capacity across key development areas, including drug safety, medical affairs, regulatory affairs and clinical operations, executives can quickly drill down by department and allocate resources as needed and available. This approach promotes accurate forecasting and adds accountability, accuracy and speed to the drug development process. Not only does the solution’s advanced forecasting module improve the method of monitoring, but it also helps the management team realize in real time where the pipeline is overextended and where excess capacity exists.

“Pharmaceutical companies are challenged with developing a wide array of new drugs and getting them approved and on the market as quickly as possible. Not only must they track and coordinate the vast resources required to complete the drug development life cycle, but they must also keep the pipeline flowing with the best candidates for speedy approval and broad appeal to the marketplace.

In addition to these challenges, drug development organizations are facing increasing downward pressure on profit margins; today’s drug development funding may not exist tomorrow. Therefore, those companies that get efficient faster will emerge as winners. Project Assistants’ Drug Development Solution is all about driving those efficiencies into the drug development process.” -Gus Cicala, President and CEO, Project Assistants, Inc.

About Microsoft’s Digital Pharma: Microsoft’s Digital Pharma initiative provides a practical vision and framework that enables pharmaceutical companies to drive innovation across the enterprise and address strategic value-chain capability requirements. Using proven Microsoft technology, Digital Pharma illustrates how drug manufacturers can achieve speed-to-insight and value-for-cost, two distinct industry imperatives that lead the way for business transformation. More information can be found at .

About Project Assistants: Project Assistants is a leading provider of consulting services, custom development, education and products for enterprise project management solutions. Our primary clients include organizations in diverse industries that base their businesses on mission critical projects that require enterprise-wide project management methodologies, processes and tools and an organization to support them Our Drug Development Solution helps organizations forecast, coordinate, and track the vast resources required to complete the drug development cycle. This solution helps life sciences organizations forecast development resources, integrate knowledge management and project management, streamline portfolio reporting, and promote team collaboration. Founded in 1996, Project Assistants is headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware with international delivery capability. A leading Microsoft Certified Partner and Microsoft Office Project Premier Partner, Project Assistants was recently recognized in Inc 500 as one of “America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies.”