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Methods Assembly and Distribution Instrument (MADI) Officially Available

Project Assistants is pleased to announce the availability of our Methods Assembly and Distribution Instrument (MADI), which applies an “Assemble to Order” approach to building workflows to address an age-old problem with Methodology distribution and maintenance.

Whereas one methodology often needs to be rendered in numerous semi-redundant variations to address unique needs of different customers and unique projects, MADI produces outputs tailored for each methodology variation by combining the unique components you select.

Methods Automation Tool

Static methodologies conform to a snapshot of business conditions at the time the methodology was developed, and they decay over time as those conditions change. The custom workflow of Project Assistants’ tool resolves this, since the variations are generated based on project-specific attributes that are entered at the time of the project.

MADI is a web-based solution that allows you to easily access different views for the methods to be used in a given project; for example, you can view deliverables by role. The tool provides a “standard” delivery of methodology variations, such as infrastructure, package selection and implementation, and custom application development (e.g.: Agile, Waterfall). Finally, the product can include customization, implementation, and adoption services, to both ensure a smooth transition and to provide the valuable support and maintenance that methodologies rarely receive.

The tool is currently available and can be licensed for your organization’s use. Contact for any questions about Project Assistants’ Methods Assembly and Distribution Instrument or its corresponding services.